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Harnessing curiosity

We aim to enrich, enlighten and showcase our identity.

We specialize in creating high quality work that pushed the boundaries of advertising and creativity and while being aware of our environment and audience.

We are a collective of creators unafraid to experiment with video, design and technology.  We intend to break boundaries in interactive media with brands that are unafraid accompany us.

Our founder Mbeng Ngassa is a creative technologist with over 15 years of industry experience in London and Los Angeles for brands like Unilever (Nestle, Magnum, Surf), Guinness, Adidas, US army and many more.


We focus on delivering timelessness: experiences that are immersive and endurably engaging.
Whether we’re writing and producing our own interactive films, or working with traditional directors to realize their creative vision within an interactive space, our knack for storytelling is what sets us apart.


We create something new without abandoning the fundamental principles of good design. We push the boundaries by understanding where they lie. Craft is that extra bit of polish, careful selection of typography, or subtle particle effect that causes you to lean forward. It immediately catches your eye, drawing you deeper into the experience.
We blend art seamlessly with utility.


We have a reputation for creating experiences that re-imagine the way people interact with technology. We owe that to our amazing, multi-talented team. This isn’t a ‘jack of all trades’ shop by any means – we all have our specialties. Everyone who walks through our door has both an appreciation for art and code. Our Creative Technologist went to Film school, and our creatives know their way around a “for loop.”

Client Wall

We create meaningful experiences that change the way people think, feel and act about brands.

Multiple Solutions

We tell stories for brands. We integrate strategy, creation and production under one roof. From global marketing to everyday content. We’re always on.


There’s so much more to professional services and B2B branding than a colorful logo and new look. In fact, your brand is the impression your firm makes in the minds of your clients, prospect and potential employees. And that impression is formed at many touch points. Archaic Reveal helps firms identify these touch points and build engagement at each one. We create Brand strategy, Creative Concepts and Communication strategy.

Digital Technology

The digital age is upon us and seems to be here to stay. We help conceive and develop technological innovation. We create digital experiences, design and build installations, games, apps, prototypes, social media and content creation.


We create Commercials, Motion graphic, Feature films, short films, Television programs, Social Media content and very soon VR. We believe in pushing the boundaries of film and communication using technology and intent on experimenting hugely in this area.


We create photography for Advertising, Visual Identity, Fashion, Dcumentation, Portraits or Still Life. We are also working on pushing technological boundries with photography and programming to create innovative apps and digital experiences.


Our range of skills i.e. Film, Digital Experiences, Print, Website, Apps creates a powerful combination of skils that can reach across a wide range of platform, stay consistant and ceate a more emersive experience for your consumer.


We offer Product development, Gamification, New Tech, and VR. We are artist constantly thinking of new ways to explore ideas and technology.

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We are friendly and eager to get our teeth, noses and whole selves in your idea, brand or project.  Talk with us and see what together we can come up with.

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Come and meet us anytime.

We are located in Limbe though we make regular trips to Douala and Yaoundé.  Come and meet with us by Rose Bowl Bar in G.R.A Limbe.

Rose Bowl Bar, G.R.A
+237 6 72466177
Monday to Friday - 9 PM to 18 PM